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The system is asigned for accomplishment of internal building elements without thermal insulation. The basic use of the system are variety of sliding doors and windows. The width of frame and sash is 31 - 96 mm. The double and triple track frames are in the offer thanks to that the constructions with more sashes can be in one frame.

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The system with thermal insulation is assigned for external building elements. The width of frames is 90-142 mm and for sashes 40 mm. Analogically to SLIDING 600 the offer contains double and triple track frames.

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SLIDING 1200tt

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The system with thermal insulation, designed to produce elements of the external enclosure sliding-raised for example housing balconies and loggias.Design depth is 50 mm for wings and 120 mm for frames double ground ways and 184 mm for triple ground ways frames.

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SL 1600tt

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The brand new sliding system from Ponzio - SL1600tt is one of the best among sliding systems present in the market. Created as an answer to customers demands has excellently composed in the market. 

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